When we look at its historical background, outdoor advertising has been used by the firms to reach the consumer or the target audience to the extent that conditions of the era permit. It is seen that outdoor advertising channels are preferred not only as a commercial concern but also as a political propaganda tool. The most important reason why advertisers choose outdoor advertising channels is that they can reach consumers in the shortest time possible.Outdoor ads that appeal to consumers' outdoor lives capture them while they are in the stops, in the car, walking, sitting, working, waiting, and deliver advertising messages.

Having a history of nearly 50 years, the outdoor advertising in Turkey has made serious explosion in the early 1990s. In this process, advertising activities starting with wall and roof advertisements have become a sector with the use of posters and billboards. Although the infrastructure was insufficient in the first period, after the local governments headed to outdoor advertising, some arrangements were made related to the rackets and roof panels placed on the roads.While the outdoor advertising sector continues its development in our country as well as in the world countries, in recent years, after the developments in digital fields, outdoor advertising has changed in terms of both content and communication techniques.

Outdoor advertising in Turkey is the most preferred advertising medium after television and printed media. As a matter of fact, in the last 10 years data, it is observed that the budget allocated for outdoor advertising increases every year. In 2007, outdoor advertising investments amounted to TL 235 million. This shows that the outdoor has a 7% share in the total advertising investments realized as 3 billion 308 TL in 2007.

Factors such as the technological developments in the 10-year period, the increase in the economy allocated to the advertising budgets of the firms, and the fact that the content writers pondered a production to reach the target audience directly affected the development of outdoor advertising. More communicative advertising areas have now been created and outdoor advertising has emerged as an interactive advertising field. Nowadays, while advertising agencies are developing more result oriented projects, it has become easier to reach the target audience with programmatic advertising. Especially in the last two years, programmatic advertising has increased dramatically, and the market is expected to grow further as world giant Google starts to receive advertising in a coordinated manner with the outdoors.

In fact, considering the budget allocated to the investment shares in which the market expands and evolves, a simple mathematical account is revealed. The advertising investment made for outdoor in 2007 was around 235 million TL, according to the Turkey Outdoor Investment Report which ARVAK Outdoor Advertising Foundation made Ernest & Young Audit and Consulting Company prepare, by 2017 the total value of advertising investment made for outdoor media in Turkey is calculated as 776 million TL. As a result of the survey covering the first 6 months of the year 2018, which the same foundation made the same auditing firm prepare, the total turnover of the investments made during this period was 402 million TL.When we look at both the figures, the reached audience and the investments of the advertising agencies in these areas, it is seen that outdoor advertising is an important choice for brands and will continue to be so.