Programmatic Advertising and its Future in Digital Outdoor Broadcasting


The developments in the field of digital marketing flow almost equally with time; companies wanting to increase their profit margins are trying to catch up with new marketing trends. One of the most popular and most result oriented advertising methods of recent times is programmatic advertising. So what is this programmatic advertising? Programmatic advertising, on the last point that digital advertising technologies reach, is a method that analyzes user behavior and makes media purchase faster and smarter accordingly. Thanks to the programmatic advertising, brands are able to deliver the right content at the right time and to the right people.

After the analysis of the data obtained from different channels, you can perform a more accurate targeting and reach the right audience. We see the principle of “minimum cost maximum benefit” in programmatic advertising types. It provides real-time optimization with real-time purchasing and broadcast tracking. Data can be shared with multiple broadcasters. The feature that makes programmatic advertising so popular is the data. “Data-Driven Advertising”, aka Data-Based Advertising has led to the creation of this model.

Considering the budgets separated for advertising in the recent period, the brands wanting more results-oriented works are turning towards programmatic purchasing. Because the data attracts the brand, and the feedbacks from the consumer proves how attractive programmatic advertising is in the cost-benefit analysis. The digital advertising process led by Google and Facebook will release itself to Programmatic Advertising in the next few years. According to eMarketer's report, programmatic advertising spending, which is 22 billion dollars worldwide in 2013, is expected to increase to $ 69 billion in 2018. Becoming more and more popular also in Turkey, programmatic advertising has dominated the desktop and mobile usage cases. In addition, programmatic purchasing activities were started on television and outdoor digital displays.

The programmatic that has just started to be implemented in the open air seems to guide the future of this media. Programmatic billboards, images in the advertisements and the message to be given may vary according to the age and gender of the target audience. The location technology, determining which profile will pass by the billboards in what times, enables brands to reach their audience with a spot-on strategy. Programmatic technology provides the chance to understand the age, gender and style of the person passing by the ad units and show the advertisement that suits him/her.

Particularly in parallel with technological developments in Digital Signage, the production of massive screens has enabled the enrichment of contents for both companies and advertising agencies, opening the way for more creative ideas to emerge.

While many brands are expected to choose programmatic advertising methods for outdoor preferences in the near future, LOOK! Screens brought in something new in Turkey and it has become the first brand to offer outdoor programmatic advertising in Turkey in 2017 with knorr brand.