While there is increasing competition between brands in the commercial sense, companies that want to increase their market share, prefer different advertising channels more in order to reach more people. While you need to buy newspapers and magazines to see an advertisement in the written media, you have to watch television to see an advertisement on television. But there is also an advantageous and appealing advertising domain that goes beyond them all. The only advertising channel that is exposed without spending any power is the outdoor advertising. What is outdoor advertising?

With the development of outdoor advertising began to be used with the development of printing and printing presses in 1740 in the UK and 1835 in the US. In parallel with the flow of history and technology, outdoor advertising has also developed, and a new era has started in the sector with the digital technology revolution from the late 20th century.

In English, the term "outdoor" is also often used in advertising language. The process that began in recent years with ads made with paint or signs on the buildings in Turkey, has reached different dimensions thanks to the dramatic effect of the technology. The creative teams of advertising agencies have made the screens in outdoor areas, which people use the most in their day-to-day life, much more noticeable with creative designs.


Of course, every medium is very valuable in terms of advertising, but it can be evaluated in a different classification because outdoor advertising directly reaches to the consumer and influences from the moment when it enters the field of view. Outdoor advertising is one of the most important promotional items of companies because it can reach big masses at a lower cost than other advertising methods.

Particularly in parallel with technological developments in Digital Signage, the production of massive screens has enabled the enrichment of contents for both companies and advertising agencies, opening the way for more creative ideas to emerge.

Outdoor advertising, with examples of trend advertising in the world and our country in recent years, meets the most basic advertising needs of many brands as it has the potential to reach massive quantities and is a challenging area for people's imagination and creativity. In addition to conventional advertising media such as panels, billboards, and dressing, technological environments such as interactive digital billboards, e-info tools, plasma screens, CLP networks are also in the service of outdoor advertising.